Care and Maintenance Guide

Please respect and act according to the applicable general rules and regulations for all dental hand instrument maintenance procedures. Follow the below maintenance checklist to maintain all LM Dental instruments and note special instructions for the LM Dark Diamond™ and LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments.

NOTE: Use LM-Servo™ instrument cassettes to protect the instruments and avoid sharp injuries.

NOTE: Regularly service maintenance, cleaning, and sterilization devices and follow all user instructions.

NOTE: Follow all dosage and exposure instructions.


Remove residue (especially filling material residue) from the instrument blades and handles while still soft. Do not use a metal brush. A metal brush will cause scratches or damages on the instrument surface where the filling material may easily stick.  During the sterilization process, residue may bake into the instrument handle resulting discolorations if not removed.

NOTE: Do not use any abrasive tools for removing residue from LM Dark Diamond™ and LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments to avoid harming the coating and thus reducing the lifetime of the product.

NOTE: In the case of using a thermal disinfector, the II) DISINFECTION and III) RINSING steps in this guide are not necessary, provided that the used instruments have not been stored dry longer than 4 hours.


    • Do not leave dirty instruments to dry. Immerse instruments into a disinfecting liquid as soon as possible.
    • It is recommended to use a disinfectant recommended explicitly for dental hand instruments. Liquids containing chlorine, phenol, or amines are not recommended.
    • Carefully follow the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer of the selected disinfectant.
    • NOTE: A strong concentration of disinfectant or extended exposure times may damage the instruments.
    • Change the disinfectant regularly according to the instructions.


Immediately after disinfection, the instruments must be rinsed carefully under running, lukewarm water. 


Always clean the instruments. The disinfection and rinsing process is not sufficient to maintain your instruments. Instruments can be cleaned manually or in an ultrasonic cleaner.

        • Carefully wash all parts of the instrument with a soft brush.

    NOTE: A steel brush or other sharp or abrasive tools are forbidden as they will damage the metal blades and the silicone handles and thus reduce the lifetime of the product.

          • Use pH neutral cleaners. A detergent specifically made for the washing of instruments is recommended. Do not soak the instruments in detergent solutions.

      NOTE: It is recommended to soak products made of different metals separately including, LM Sharp Diamond™, LM Dark Diamond™, and LM-ErgoMix™ instruments to eliminate the theoretical occurrence of particle cross-contamination.

          • Always rinse carefully the instruments under running water after cleaning.
          • Carefully follow the instructions for use of the ultrasonic cleaning device.
          • Service and clean the device according to frequency recommended in the instructions for use.
          • Do not overload the device. Use LM-Servo™ cassettes to avoid contact of different metals that could result in dulling of the instrument tips.
          • The instruments must be completely covered by water.
          • Use pH neutral cleaners with corrosion protection.
          • Set the correct time and proportions according to the instructions for use.
          • Remove the instruments from the ultrasonic cleaning device immediately after cleaning. Extended contact with moisture may reduce product life.
          • Always rinse the instruments carefully after using chemical detergents.


          • The instruments must be thoroughly dried before sterilizing in the autoclave or a dry heat sterilizer.
          • Ordinary tap water may contain different chemical ingredients, which may cause chemical reactions when autoclaving. Follow the instructions for use of the autoclave for water content recommendations.


          After cleaning, check that the instruments are clean by rubbing the surface with an eraser or finger.

          NOTE: It is essential to check that the instruments are completely clean and dry before beginning the sterilizing procedure. If there is any chemical residue on the instruments, it may bake or stick into the handle when being sterilized, thus producing a strong odor or discolorations.


          Sharpen, service, and replace the instruments, if necessary.

          NOTE: Do not sharpen LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments. Sharpening removes the coating and weakens the fine tip, thus decreasing the functional use of the instrument. The overall lifespan of LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments is similar in length to instruments that require sharpening and dependent on clinical application. LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments should be replaced once the instrument becomes dull.

          NOTE: LM-ErgoMix™ tips can be sharpened. The LM-ErgoMix™ tip is constructed of a titanium-alloy, thus the composition and hardness are unchanged if and when tips are sharpened.  A dedicated sharpening stone is recommended for use on only the LM-ErgoMix™ instruments to prevent the possible cross-contamination between different alloys and materials of other instruments being transferred to the LM-ErgoMix™ soft titanium tips and on tooth abutments. 

          NOTE: LM-LiftOut™ extraction instruments can be sharpened with a rounded sharpening stone.


          NOTE: Please follow the selected sterilizing device manufacturer’s provided instructions for use carefully.

            • The recommended maximum temperature in an autoclave is 134-137°C, and in the dry heat or hot air devices is 180°C.
            The actual sterilization time at 134-137°C (2 bars) is a minimum of 3 minutes. Additional time is needed to achieve the sterilization temperature.
              • Do not overload the sterilization device.
              • The silicone handles must not touch the autoclave walls, since the temperature of the wall may be higher.
              • Clean the sterilization device regularly according to the instructions for use. Avoid sterilizing other products that requiring oil lubrication in the same device as hand instruments. The oil vapors may damage the instruments.
              • The water used in the autoclave must be clean. Unfiltered water may contain ingredients that may cause chemical reactions.
              • Check the temperature and pressure of the device according to the instructions for use.


              • Always dry instruments thoroughly before storage.
              • Use LM-Servo™ cassettes for storing to protect instruments and avoid sharp injuries.

            NOTE: Tips of instruments can be damaged by dropping or hitting a hard surface. Damaged instruments should be disposed of following standard protocols.